Teacher Bucks

Teacher Bucks are the currency of the Teacher Store! They have no monetary value yet can be earned in various ways to trade for Teacher Store items. If we visit your school, we will award a certain number of Teacher Bucks for each educator to spend in the mobile store.

Community & School Events
Earn Bucks: Earn Teacher Bucks by attending our community and school events.
Spin the Wheel: Earn more bucks by spinning the wheel!

Social Media
Earn Bucks: We will be running raffles and other ways to earn Bucks on our Facebook page so “Like” us and check out our page often!

Blue Teacher Bucks
Old blue Teacher Bucks are no longer being honored.

Linn Area Credit Union Membership Earns Bucks
Earn $75 account credit + 15 Teacher Bucks: Open a new checking account with direct deposit. Click here to learn more!
Current Linn Area Credit Union Members: Attend the Teacher Store’s Pop-Up Shop events held at the different Linn Area Credit Union branches to earn additional Teacher Bucks.

Teacher Buck